Ultimate Packages

Ultimate Packages

shutterstock 203186692 CustomThis range of healing packages were created to give you the chance to have an ultimate healing experience. By using varied healing modalities complementing each other it allows for heightened awareness as well as engaging more than one of your many sensory systems. In each session, this allows you to  cut through the blockages allowing you to feel centred and balanced. In these packages we wanted to give you something back and so have included a FREE GIFT for you to enjoy and also to assist in the continuation of your evolutionary shift, healing and happiness.

Are you looking for a thoughtful gift idea? Healing therapies make the perfect gift. Speak to our team about a gift voucher for a tailored service to help transform the lives of your loved ones.

Reiki + Vibrational Essence + Chakra Balance + FREE BONUS Gift 

Nancy's Transformative Healing Therapy + Balance + FREE BONUS Gift
Nancy's Transformative Energy work includes one or all of the Energetic Healing modalities she facilitates and practices. Working this way in every session allows for a deeper and much greater transformation to take place and also more graceful flow to unite, balance and harmonise mind, body and soul. Each transformative healing session that you have with Nancy will be somewhat different from the last as we are constantly, forever shifting, changing and transforming in each and every moment of life. In this ultimate healing package you will receive an exceptional transformation in one way or another. Included in this package is a balance of your entire being; mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically. We are also offering you a FREE BONUS GIFT to assist you with your healing and evolutionary path.


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